Welcome! My focus to provide the tools, guidance, and support my clients need to succeed with their money goals. You don't have to stress and worry about debt. Whatever your goal is, I am here to help you achieve financial peace.

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Hello! My name is Denise Wasserman and I love coaching people in personal finance! My goal is to share what I have learned about finances throughout the years with clients and watch them achieve their goals of becoming debt-free.  Whether it is enjoying a vacation without having financial setbacks, plan for their retirement, or a special event in their life and make the best money decisions they can possibly make.  Many of us did not have the financial literacy needed to succeed. Personal finance is a curriculum that is not taught in schools, and sometimes, parents do not teach these essential skills to their kids either. That is my story. Even after studying finance in college, understanding economics, global affairs, etc., I was never taught personal finance. For years, I thought I was managing my money adequately. Yet, I would finance everything, from cars, clothes, food, schools, you name it, I charged it. I was under the impression that as long as I was paying off my credit cards “on-time” I was fine. Credit card debt can creep up and I've seen firsthand how stressful it can be.
After paying off my undergraduate debt, I went back to school to receive an MBA in finance.  Upon graduating, I realized I had $45,000 in student loan debt and $10,000 in credit card debt. Having this amount of debt, with hardly any money in savings made me anxious. I knew then, that I needed to turn my financial situation around.  In as little as 10 months, I became completely debt-free. It led me to save for a 6-month emergency fund and a down payment for a house. Ever since then, life-changing financial gains occurred, my friends and family began asking me for financial advice I was eager to share what I had learned and put into practice. As a result, my family and friends have been able to pay off their loans and turn their financial situations around. That’s when I decided that I needed to share my passion and knowledge with the community around me. I’m so grateful to have been able to coach each person to achieve financial wealth.

I'd Love to help you too!